FAQs about the Transition from Mercy for America's Children to Watch Me Rise, LLC. 

 1. What does this transition mean for Mercy for America’s Children?

With the exciting new launch of Watch Me Rise in March 2020, Mercy for America’s
Children will be officially closing our doors on June 30, 2020 (the end of our fiscal
year). Although one chapter is closing, we are ready and eager to move on to the
next chapter and hope that you will join us.

2. What if I am currently making donations to Mercy for America’s Children?

As an organization, we have always been proud of how we have stewarded our
funds. All funds that have been donated through Mercy for America’s Children have been
spent on those programs and services. Funds from Mercy for America’s Children have not
been used toward Watch Me Rise. Any residual funds as of June 30, 2020 will be donated
to a local Wake Forest based non-profit organization. If you are currently a monthly donor,
we truly appreciate your support and hope that you will continue to support us through
Watch MeRise with your same monthly donations. You will be contacted as to how to
switch your donations over.

3. Will Watch Me Rise be a non-profit organization like Mercy for America’s Children?

Watch Me Rise will function as an LLC. This decision was one that was carefully and
prayerfully made after extensive research and consideration. Our hope is that, as an
LLC, we can generate additional funding sources that will enable us to serve more
children and families. In addition, we will be able to directly control the trajectory of the
ministry and it will also allow us for more time working directly with children and families.

4. Will the services that Mercy for America’s Children has been providing still be available?

Not only will the same services be offered, but our resources and supports will be
expanded and will now be available to families who have adopted internationally in
addition to those who are fostering or have adopted through the U.S. foster care system.

5. How will services look different from Mercy for America’s Children?

Watch Me Rise will offer individualized plans to help move children and families from
trauma to triumph. This customized journey will involve a combination of trauma informed
services and resources with the hope of the gospel. While nearly 50% of the services
will be at no cost to families, some fee-based services will be available in order to achieve
dramatic levels of healing.

6. What if our family can’t afford to pay for the resources and services that have a fee?

We know that not all families have the financial resources to access all the needed
resources to achieve optimal levels of healing. For that reason, we have established a
“Mercy Fund” to help offset costs for those in need. An application process is required
to access these funds that are set aside for those in true financial need.

7. Will fundraising efforts and donations still be needed? Why?

Absolutely. We will continue to raise funds in order to provide many free services to
our families in need. In addition, we will be raising funds for our Mercy Fund that will be set
aside exclusively to offset costs for families who cannot afford the fee based services
including camp programs, respite conferences, trauma consultations, etc.

8. Since Watch Me Rise is a faith-based ministry does that mean that you will only serve
Christian families?

Simply put, Watch Me Rise will show the unconditional love of Christ and acceptance to all
who are seeking support and assistance. All are welcome!

9. How can I help further the mission of Watch Me Rise?

a.) Spread the word about our organization and our mission
b.) Follow what we are doing on our Watch Me Rise facebook page
c.) Invite Trent to speak at your church, civic group, adoption event, etc.
d.) Become a volunteer with Watch Me Rise
e.) Assist with fundraising and special event planning
f.) Offer a one time monetary donation on our website
g.)Become a monthly donor and help us continue and expand our work. You can sign up
to be a monthly donor by clicking here and checking the box that says "Make this a monthly donation." 

Contact Us

Email: watchmerise919@gmail.com

Phone: 919-610-2521

7408 Oriole Dr.
Wake Forest, NC 27587

Hours of Operation: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm